I had this conversation recently with a friend or two and thought it was worthy of blogging.

Why diets don’t work…

I am beginning to see “diets” as a period in time. They have a beginning and almost always have an end. They are a period of time where we force ourselves to refrain from foods we love, eat foods we don’t really like, and otherwise try to beat our bodies/minds into submission. In the beginning we are all super motivated, with a great go get em attitude. And about 2 hours in we’re hungry. But we’re still full of gumption and we’re “really going to do it” this time. We might have an okay day, maybe we really stuck to the plan or maybe we snuck a few treats here and there. We might’ve even made a trip to the gym all beaming with pride that we’re getting it done for REAL this time!

Then at some point, whether a day in, a week, two weeks, etc we slowly fall off the “diet”. We sneak a treat here or there, we splurge on this meal here, we have social function at some restaurant and we just can’t help but to have our favorite dish…pasta with extra cheese and sauce and ooey-gooey bread, oh shoot let’s live a little and have dessert to. We won’t mention the appetizer we probably snacked on too. And before we know it, the “diet” has died.

But see, that is why they don’t work!! Because we plan them to be temporary. We plan them to just be until we can get into our favorite jeans again and then we return to the same habits that landed us in this very situation.

The fact of the matter is that we never deal with the root issues. Some of us just have bad eating habits. Maybe we don’t like fruits and veggies. Maybe we’re lazy and just don’t like to cook. Maybe some of us (me) created bad habits a while ago and let them get out of control.

We have to identify the root issues of our unhealthy life styles and food choices. We have to be honest with ourselves and stop trying to hide from things and face them head on. At that point we have to do the one thing we’re all becoming pro’s at. Making Excuses. We have to stop making excuses and just do whatever it takes.

We will never fully reach health and healthy life styles if we keep “dieting”. I’m not saying diet programs don’t work. For some people they work great. But the ones that work, the people that really lose a lot of weight, are the people who are just doing a temporary diet to lose 10 lbs so they can fit into their jeans. Each of those people who have lost significant amounts of weight changed their lifestyles. They created new habits. Out with the old and in with the new, right?

I resolve to stop kidding myself, stop making excuses and to start eating the right foods, start Exercising and start embracing a healthy life-style.


One thought on ““Die”ts

  1. I try to see my diet as permanent in a way that I am trying to learn moderation(almost impossible) and I log my food to help myself learn portion and to see what I eat with perspective. I try to think about adding more fruit and veggies instead of only think about restrictions. My goal would be to lose the weigth and find a good balance with healthy food and exercise to maintain my weight. I love your last 2 lines! You are on the right track with that attitude 🙂

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