it’s 3 a.m. do you know where your brain is?

ugh, well now it’s 4 a.m. but I’ve been awake since 3. Just woke up and couldn’t sleep…and as I rolled around in bed trying to force the zzzz’s I thought of a billion things I could write about. So I finally get up and to the laptop to try to work off the restlessness and now that I’m here I can’t remember one single thing I was going to write about. blah!

So I apologize in advance for the ramblings that will probably be this post.

So, I went to the doctor yesterday. Sort of a check-up, starting point, “get the ok” visit. I told her that I had been juicing at least once daily for a week or so and I was aiming to start a juice fast…but wanted to get the okay. I’d watched Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead and I realized before I did anything like that I needed to see the doctor first. You know…. the whole “check with your doctor before doing anything drastic” kind of things.

She was encouraging. Gave me the okay to do a fast with some suggestions such as using Greek Yogurt or adding some protein powder. She also suggested starting slow, which was already my plan. She said maybe start with a juice in the morning, a normal lunch and then a juice in the evening. We did lab work checking my blood sugar, and all the cholesterol etc levels and my hormones. Which I’m glad for. So I’ll have a basic starting point and a goal to reach. I see her again on April 15th to recheck everything so I’ll have a reason to stay on task.

And don’t worry, I plan to share the results of these beginning lab tests with you. Wouldn’t be transparent if I didn’t share it all, good bad or ugly.

On a bright note, I weighed a little less at the doctors office than I had when I had last seen her. So that made me feel better. My last visit was Feb 28th of 2012 (Been a pretty healthy year I suppose!) She told me what I weighed then (I’ve forgotten already) but I know it was more than I weigh now, which is encouraging because I had gained through the summer after having seen her. It wasn’t until August 27th that I started truly whole-heartedly down the path towards health. And while I was stalled during the holidays, it was really encouraging to not be at the doctors office weighing more than the last visit. Might be a first in many years. Just a little more fuel for the fire.


3 thoughts on “it’s 3 a.m. do you know where your brain is?

  1. I have a juicer and have been thinking about doing some juicing, I havent done it in a while, I was doing it alot for a long while there but frankly I absolutly couldnt make the green juices taste good no matter what I did. but I forced it down anyway. so juicingmight just be the ticket to help get those vitamin and phytochemicals we are missing.

    • my first attempt at a green juice. I was scared at first but it actually wasn’t that bad!!! No where near as “green” tasting as it looked!


      1 cup spinach
      1 cup kale
      1 granny smith apple
      1 cup parsley
      1 lemon (squeezed in juice at end)
      1 cucumber

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