Check-In January 23, 2013

I weighed in today at 324.0. Progress! yay! Since I weighed in at 329 on Jan 5th, so that’s a difference of 5 lbs! woohoo!

Been eating extremely well all week, a lot of vegetables, a lot of water and I’ve exercised every night thus far!!

Weak point: dreaded Hershey kisses were in the house again. But alas! They are all gone and the Mr knows to keep that stuff out of my sight/knowledge.

Indulgence? Peanut Butter toast. A favorite snack of mine and makes a good pre-work out snack. I like them with banana’s but the spouse took all those to work with him and left me none. Punk!

So, I aim to check in every so often just to keep it open and so you know I’m not just out here writing stuff because I have nothing to do. I aim to report what’s going on…whether it’s good or bad!

Until next time….


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