Back from Sebatical….

Hello everyone. I bet you thought I forgot about my blog, eh? No, in fact, I did not. I’ve just been waiting on the inspiration to write something the past few weeks. Weeks? Really, I’ve been gone since January…. okay, so February was dedicated to hands-on round the clock care of my mother in law while she recuperated from knee replacement. By the time March and April rolled in I was not really exercising or dieting so to speak…and I probably should have blogged about it as to show my weakness and discuss my difficulties but I think I sort of hid from the blog until I got back into the right head space. So I will try not to disappear again…  I make no excuses, I should’ve been here as I promised to document the journey…so for that I ask forgiveness and promise to do better. Stay tuned, I got lots to talk about!!


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