May’s Verdict

Alrighty! I went back to the doctor in May and had my blood work re-checked to check my progress. Just another form of accountability I have put in place. The numbers don’t lie and the more I face them the more I am motivated to stay on this track! So here goes!!

Cholesterol: 202  (goal: less than 199)

Triglycerides: 81  (goal: 0-140)

HDL (Good): 39  (goal: greater than 39)

LDL (Bad): 147  (goal: less than 100)

A1C: 6.0 (goal: 4.8-5.6)

So there ya have it! I am so close to being in normal healthy ranges, which is awesome! What’s really awesome is when you look at May and January’s results side by side and see the difference!!

Chole: Jan 228  May 202  (a difference of 26!)

Triglycerides: Jan 89  May 81 (a difference of 8)

HDL (good): Jan 35   May 39 (a difference of 4)

LDL (bad): Jan 175  May 147 (a difference of 28!)

A1C: Jan 5.9  May 6.0  (that is .1 higher than last time, not ideal result..)

But I can’t refute the progress of the other results! That was some big stuff considering I didn’t feel like I ate well or exercised well in Feb-April…. I fully expected my levels to go up.

The following week after doing my labs in May was when I started seeing a personal trainer twice a week! I don’t have another blood work check up until November but I bet it’s going to be amazing!!

And also, I am down in my weight… I can’t remember what I last weighed in at on here, I believe it was 320 something, but I am down to 300… and I CANNOT wait for that first number to change… which will be happening very soon! I feel great, and still have lots to talk about so keep in touch!


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