Body Under Construction… the full experience (part 3 of the “decision” posts)

To warn you first off, this is a long post. I started to split it into more than one or to take out details and just give you the short of it, but as my goal is to share with you my thoughts and feelings as I experienced this new chapter of seeing a personal trainer, I’ve just decided to leave it as is.

I left off last post by talking about finding a personal training facility that was close to home and having messaged them on Facebook to find out more information about them. (see posts Making “The” Decision parts 1 & 2 to catch up..)


Well the facility I am going to tell you about is called Body Under Construction and it is located in Crestwood, Kentucky.

I had messaged the owner of the facility on Facebook. He responded by asking me if I would like to come in for a consultation.

Afraid of going alone, as I didn’t know what I’d be walking in to -I decided to take a friend with me. I get to the place and meet the owner, Rob Jones. Upon first glance, I was a tad intimidated… as he is tall and muscular and sort of fit that idea I had in my head of a drill sergeant who would be angry and mean.

But from the moment Rob spoke, I was proved wrong. I’ll elaborate later but for now let me get back to the story at hand…

I met with Rob that morning as he told me more about himself and the facility. There are several things I am taking note of as I was speaking with him. I was very prepared to be made uncomfortable..basically I was looking intently for some reason it wouldn’t work. I hate to say that but I just really had doubts that there was a place that I could feel comfortable at… I tell you that to tell you that what I say about this place and the environment and the people is truth.

He has been training for a long time (I believe over 20 years, at least? I forgot..) He tells me that he is a retired police officer and a veteran…and that he doesn’t train people for the money. Which is why his prices are the lowest you’ll find. He genuinely trains people because he wants to help others be healthy, happy, and successful at their goals. He isn’t concerned about getting rich off of gimmicks and marketing. In fact, outside of a little social media, he really doesn’t advertise. For the longest time he trained people out of his home… it’s just within the last year that he has moved to a facility. But the most important thing that stuck out to me was that you aren’t just a number or a dollar. You are a person, you matter, and all of the personal trainers treat you as a person.

They only see people by appointment at BUC and they only train a handful of people at a time. The majority of the clients there are women and the majority of them are over 30. I think he recently said his clientele ranges in ages from 13-79… and all shapes and sizes and from different walks of life. Which I was worried about. I even texted him before I had my first work out and asked him if I was his largest client (in physical size)..because I didn’t want to stand out in a facility full of body builders who were all fit and healthy. I have a different take on that thought now, but as a newbie and full of insecurities… it’s what I thought about…

I literally talked to Rob for about an hour that morning as he answered all of my questions. I was so excited when walking out of the place and I wasn’t even sure I was going to be able to come back. But by the end of that day I had appointments at BUC. I would start the following week…there would be 2, 1 hour sessions. One session would target lower body and the other session would target upper body (both to include abs/core).

So I get to BUC the following week…SO nervous. All those fears that I mentioned in the other posts were running rampant in my mind. But at that point I was there and there was no other option but to face it head on.

The first thing Rob did was sit down and talk about diet and healthy habits. He gave me some information about good eating habits, grocery shopping advice, what to eat and when to eat it. Not a strict meal plan, but tips such as eating several small meals a day… eating your biggest meal at breakfast and eating a good lunch and a light dinner. If you are going to indulge in something (let’s say… chocolate) to do it early in the day so that you have the rest of the day to burn it off instead of doing it at night when you go to bed and your body stores it all. Lots of information like that. Then he did all of my measurements… neck, biceps, bust, abs, waist, thighs, calves, etc. I also weighed in. He writes all of this down so that the next time you measure and weigh in you can see your progress. One of the things he told me was to stay off the scale. When you are doing weight/strength training you won’t always see results as much in pounds as you will in inches. That’s because you are building muscle mass… but it’s really inevitable that you will lose weight with it. It just won’t happen at the speed you’d think. That and admit it, most of us have an unhealthy love hate relationship with the scale, so really I was okay with having an excuse to stay off of it. 🙂

After all that stuff was finished, I was then handed over to Rob’s assistant trainer, Christy… It was leg day, so we worked on lower body. Now, I was initially worried because I didn’t know how they would know how to work me when they didn’t know me and my capabilities…. But let me just say that they start you out slow and easy…which really helps to put your nerves at ease. A full work out is typically 4 sets of each exercise (a set being a group of repetitions which vary per exercise) but at your first work outs they will typically start you out at 2 sets and just take it slow to let you get a feel for the routine. And they are very adequate at gauging what you can do and if you can do more or if you need to stop. They really pay attention and are careful to not push you into an injury but at the same time pushing you past the “I cant’s or I don’t want to’s”

My mind set 10 weeks after joining BUC is different than the day I walked in there. When I am talking to friends or family, I often use the word empowered. For the first time on this journey I feel empowered. It is possible to climb this mountain. It’s possible to succeed at getting healthy. Before it was always a thought or faint idea and desire. Now I see it happening in the real.

Yes, it takes work. My success so far is not because of Rob or Christy/Bobby. It’s because I’m doing the work. However, I would not be able to be as successful as I know I will be without the support of BUC and the environment they have created there. Not to sound mushy or anything but it’s an atmosphere of caring and of love. Of seeing you as a person and not a source of income. They meet you where you are and show you that it’s possible.. you just have to show up with the will to work.

As I wrap this up I also want to say that all of the other clients I’ve worked out with at BUC have all been just as supportive and encouraging as the trainers. When you are sweating like a hog, tired as can be and weak in the knees, there’s not a soul at BUC, trainer or client, who is going to make you feel bad or embarrassed or ashamed. They are all rooting you on and encouraging you and at the end of each hour everyone is complimenting you on a great work out and giving you words of encouragement. It’s not in a mushy or habitual way… they mean it.

For my local friends and followers, I encourage you to give Rob a call. If you are unsure and want to tag along on one of my workouts, let me know. I will gladly bring you with me and you can see it for yourself.

I have spent the better part of my life caring for others and often at the expense of myself… but deciding to face my fears and walk into BUC that day is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for myself.

And the funny part about all that I’ve told you? I am just at the beginning. I have literally over 100 pounds I need to lose to reach a healthy point. The old me would have never told you that. The number has always seemed so large and impossible… but I don’t see it that way anymore. It’s very possible and I will do it. Just watch and see.

Check out BUC’s facebook page… contact Rob… I promise you won’t regret it…


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