Check All That Apply

“I’m too old.”

“I’m too young.”

“I’m too big.”

“I’m too busy.”

“I can’t afford it.”

“I am afraid.”

“It’s too far of a drive.”

“I’m too weak”

“I have a bad back.”

“I have a bad knee.”

“I (insert any medical condition here)”

“I’m too fat.”

“My schedule is too full.”

I could go on all night… but here is my personal life motto:


Here is the thing… and I’m going to be straight forward with you. If you really want it, you’ll make it happen. Everything else is excuses and what you are really saying is “I don’t want it that bad.”

The list of excuses I wrote above are all things I seemed to have heard over the past month or two. Everyone wants to talk to me about what I’m doing and find out my secrets. It’s work. It’s hard work. But when I tell people that, they find an opening to give me a list of reasons it won’t work out for them. That’s fine- I just smile politely and nod as they talk.

How important is your life to you? Or those that love you? People are so willing to pay HUNDREDS of dollars on prescriptions every month and it’s really only to treat the symptoms of their ailments. Rarely is prescription medicine to get rid of an illness. Outside of acute illnesses (colds, fevers, infections and the like) most prescriptions are to manage and treat symptoms. I am not saying don’t take medicine and I’m not knocking on prescriptions, I’ve been in the medical field for nearly 9 years now, I understand the importance of it. But what if I told you that with the correct diet and exercise routine that you *might* could come off those medicines? I don’t know that for sure and I’m not advising anyone to stop taking medicine…. please don’t take this the wrong way. My point is that why not go back to the basics? Feed your body what it was designed to eat and MOVE your body the way it was designed to move. Start caring about your quality of life and take charge of it. No one can do it but you. You have to decide when enough is enough. It is possible. I am here to tell you it’s possible. No matter how old you are, your physical condition, your finances, schedule, and whatever else you can think of. It’s possible. If you are willing to admit where you are (stop kidding yourself), forgive yourself for whatever you may be feeling guilty over, and commit to making a change.

And more importantly, stick to it!


P.S. I really think this applies to anything… not just fitness and health.      Whatever you are dealing with…. this all applies.

You are not too old, too young, too fat, too busy. You could probably find the money if you really wanted to (sacrifice the cable, smartphone, and extras) …and to address the health issues, I’m overweight, but I’m out there doing it, I have a bad back, I’ve had 2 knee surgeries, tension and pain in my neck and shoulders, and carpal tunnel in my wrists and hands. Once again, if I can do it, so can you. Today I met a lady who had brain surgery in March. She is still recovering and part of her recovery process is coming in to the trainer and working out. It’s a modified work out, the trainer meets her where she is and is helping her come back. There are cancer patients and cancer survivors. Moms, dads, grandmas, teenagers, people from all walks of life. Everyone is facing some kind of battle. You will never regret the day you decided to take control and fight back. It’s not just a physical reward, you will find strength and confidence like you never knew possible. You might even make a few friends a long the way! (I definitely have!)

When is enough, truly enough? It’s YOUR LIFE! LIVE IT!


One thought on “Check All That Apply

  1. Just wonderful!!! Agree with everything you said! Feel free to always post these blogs on my page and the actual gym page! Proud of you!

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