Week 13 -Measurements

Well it had been 6 weeks since my last measurement so it was that time! 🙂 Here ya go….


5/14/13 Was the day I started at BUC. As you can see, I’m seeing great progress!!

A side note about the weight- they got new scales between my 2nd and 3rd weigh in and of course you know all scales weigh you differently. The original scale was always lighter for me than the other scales in my life, this new one at BUC is actually more accurate to my scale at home, even though I don’t like that it weighed me heavier. But anyways, he decided we would forgo the 2nd measurement and just base it off of the first one. As you can see, the reason why we measure is because you see results in inches a lot quicker and more drastically than you do in lbs. While my “weight” hasn’t changed much, just look at the differences in the inches. 🙂 I can feel muscles where I used to only feel mushiness and flab. Slowly but surely.

I’m going to bed a happy girl tonight. And will wake up a sore one tomorrow. OMG…. lol. #nopainnogain  right?

Mama saw my picture this morning and said I look different, that you can see it in my face. I’m not sure I notice it (in my face) yet, but it’s neat to hear that other people do. 🙂



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