Curse the Mouse!

You should know that I am terrified of this very blog post. Because it’s public. Because with it will come accountability. Because at least one of my trainers will read it…which will mean more accountability…. 

But those are the very reasons I’m writing it. Because if I don’t, then there will be no accountability for what I am about to tell you… and if I don’t set myself up for success I will fail. I know this because in the 12+ hours I’ve had this idea I’m about to tell you, I’ve been in a whirlwind of doubt, fear, laziness, and just plain insanity. All I can think about is the work that it will take, the pain I will endure, and the very bottom of the bottom that I will have to start at. In fact, I am arguing with myself over whether or not I will publish and further this post. 

I guess you are ready for me to come out with it, huh?


Okay… here goes nothing…

I am setting a goal. It’s a lofty one…. 






I’ve learned in the past day that there is a fun event(s) called Run Disney. They have a lot of marathons/halfs/running events, etc. Me and a couple other ladies are going to (I almost wrote “try”) train for a marathon and *when* we get into shape to do it we are going to fly to DisneyLAND (California) and run in a Disney 1/2 marathon. Looking at the dates of all of the run events, it gives us a little over a year to get in shape. 



Of what? Well that’s a good question. 

I am not currently a runner. I have never aspired to be a runner. The last time I ran any significant amount was over 10 years ago in high school whilst playing volleyball/softball. 

In fact, it just about kills me to walk 2 miles. Yes… read that again… WALK + 2 Miles = WAAAAHHH. 

I don’t aspire currently to be a runner.. what I aspire is to be healthy. To be ABLE to run. I can’t say it’s going to be a hobby of mine or that I’ll even like it…at this point, who knows. 

This I do know… I have a lot of work ahead of me. Time to lace up the shoes and hit the pavement. Regardless of how slow I am…and how hard it will be. First short term goal I think is to work towards the 15 minute mile. Which I currently walk around at 26/27 minute mile. So I have lots of improvement ahead of me. 

It’s kind of appropriate that Disney is the end goal. Ha ha. It is what’s truly motivated this idea. First of all.. California. Second of all.. Disney. We went to Disney World on our honeymoon…seems fitting that Disney would be a part of huge milestones in my life. 

So let this be the day that I publicly announce my huge goal… 09.07.13.

I leave you with some humor… I’m gonna need it… LOL








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