Confessions and Celebrations…

I’ll start with celebrations…

I have worked out like a beast this week. I realize it’s only Thursday but I’ve worked out every day so far and today I worked out twice!! I have already made plans with my work out buddy for tomorrow and Saturday and Sunday. If I follow through with it I will have worked out several days in a row… Which I am super excited about… And don’t get all crazy on me, my work outs aren’t all killer.. I’m not over doing it.

I am really trying to work on my endurance and really push myself with my personal work outs. It’s no secret that my work outs with the trainers are hard and always push me but I have been known to not go as hard with my personal workouts and I was starting to feel like I was hitting a rut. (When I say personal I mean the ones I do without the personal trainers!)

My last post I set a lofty goal so that I would have this motivation and it would give me something to work towards…so far so good! (In case you’ve forgotten, I intend to run a half marathon sometime next year.) this is a lofty goal considering walking two miles is about all I can handle right now. But not for long!!

My other celebration is this… For the first time… I ran on the treadmill. My workout buddy discovered a program and we decided to do it together. It’s an interval program where one minute is at a slow walking pace and the next minute is a running pace. Each minute alternates between walking and running. We did 20 minutes. I wasn’t able to withstand running all of the running minutes but I did do a few of them and proved to myself that I can and now I have another short term goal. I’m going to keep doing that program until I can actually do it all the way. It’ll be fun to watch my progress. And as I succeed at it I will just up the speed. I’m excited! This sounds silly to some, I am sure…but one of the things I struggled with was the sound of my heavy feet hitting the treadmill… I was embarrassed because others can run and it’s not as noisy as when I do it…that’s really the only reason I didn’t do it before now. But today I just decided to let go. I just focused on my BREATHING and pushing through the minute. I’m so excited to have accomplished this small yet huge feat. It’s monumental. I proved to myself that I can do it. Yes I have lots of room for improvement but

I did it and I will do it again and again.

Now it’s time for confessions…

I’m doing this part last because I hope for feedback and suggestions/ideas and encouragement so I want this to be what I leave you thinking about and hopefully you’ll comment… 🙂

I have not been doing well nutritionally. I hate that I am even writing this. If I was not committed to staying true to myself and to you I wouldn’t tell you and just have you think I’ve got this all figured out. I do not.

It started rather innocently. I am just at a blank wall for meal planning and breakfasts/lunches. I work from home so I have my entire kitchen at my fingertips all day long.

Eating healthy requires planning…

It requires purposefully shopping and planning out meals and snacks and having it all thought out ahead of time. Maybe it’s not that way for everyone but it is for me. If I don’t have it all planned out then I find myself going for easy…and easy food isn’t typically healthy food. Yes, grabbing fruit and nuts etc for snacks is easy but I am specifically talking about breakfasts and lunches. Generally there has to be planned meals so that I have everything I need to make good and healthy breakfast and lunches. So for the past few weeks I’ve just been eating whatever…which is pizza and potato chips and whatever else is in the house. I haven’t gone completely over board… I have some good habits in place and something’s have remained routine. But I’m definitely not doing as well as I can. I also haven’t been utilizing myfitnesspal which is a key tool I use to make sure I don’t go off the deep end. It’s the best way to watch calories and help make better decisions about food choices. I’m not a stickler for numbers..but the biggest advantage I get from myfitnesspal is the fact that it makes me stop and think about what my options are and it causes me to make better decisions.

Seems like a no brainier …I know these things… I know what to do and what not to do. It just requires more work and planning like I said earlier and that’s where I’ve fallen short. I’ve gotten lazy with it. So while I am working out more than I ever have and pushing myself physically more than I ever have – I’m not doing myself any favors in the kitchen…and weight loss and health really begins in the kitchen.

So there. I’ve confessed. I feel better and already motivated to do better tomorrow.

I would love for feedback for meal ideas or any advice you would have. I have a 30 minute lunch break so lunches need to be fairly easy to put together but other than that I am open to anything. Just looking for inspiration and ideas.

Thanks in advance… You all don’t know what your support and encouragement/accountability does for me.



2 thoughts on “Confessions and Celebrations…

  1. I fall into the same rut myself Amy, you are not alone at all! I really like using flat bread to make sandwiches, either using diced chicken w/ sauteed veggies, this can be done at night and make extra for left overs, I use a frozen pepper mix from trader joes and cook ahead, you don’t even have to put them inside of anything, you may just want to eat it alone! Breakfast, my favorite easy breakfast is 1/2 cup Fage plain greek yogurt with about a 1/4 cup of frozen berries and for a little agave nectar for sweetness. I find it to be very filling. And then when I put some thought into it, I fix steel cut oats in a mini or small crockpot over night and have yummy warm oatmeal, again a little frozen berries and if you must have sweet, a little more of the agave or splenda brown. Those are my standard breakfasts, as a rule. Lunches do change, but if I plan the diced chicken & peppers are so yummy! Let me think about some others and get back to you! 🙂 You are doing great and we all slip from time to time, but just keep getting back up and going! You are doing awesome!!!

  2. First, talk to your wonderful helpmate. I think that a big thing that may help, (I speak from experience) is not having those things in the house. Nothing comes into our home that is not healthy. If Mike wants to eat unhealthy that is his choice, but he does it outside of the home. Of course, I am dealing with diabetes, but that required great changes in our habits. Thankfully, he saw it as a way to help me overcome this disease. Second, when you feel the urge to eat unhealthy, talk to your mentor or buddy. Additionally, journaling what you are feeling may help. Often, eating is emotional without us realizing it.
    Take one day at a time and rejoice in that day of triumphs. You can do it. You have the right thought pattern. You have to plan ahead. When I am having a hard time, I write down ahead of time what I will eat and since I do not want to “lie to myself,” most of the time I follow it once written. I do fail and when I do I practice the same GRACE that God gives me for myself. Guilt is a tool of Satan and I refuse to give him any leeway in my life. Blessings dear friend!

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