November Check In!

Have you guys missed me?

Been a busy couple of months and I don’t tend to write unless I am specifically inspired about something… that keeps me from posting rambles all the time and better values your time reading stuff from me.

So! The last time I posted was my Sept check-in… and it’s that time again! I have more than my measurements from my trainer to tell you about.. I also have a doctor’s visit to report….but measurements first:


So… it’s not as much progress as I would like but it’s progress and at least it’s loss and not gains…I am still not seeing as much change on the scale as I want to… but that is all about to change! I am focusing hard on my diet this week and the coming weeks (a separate post is coming soon focusing on that action plan and what I am doing/going to do) Positive attitude is half of the battle and I’m not going to focus on where I am but rather where I am headed and put my time and energy into THAT.

With that being said… I’ve lost a total of 42 inches! I can hardly believe that number! When I added it up I had to check it multiple times because it didn’t seem right! That’s insane, for real! I’m so excited! I can’t wait to start seeing the scale change consistently. It’s coming… stay tuned…

My other check-in is about my doctor’s visit yesterday. I did my 6 month labs to check the cholesterol, glucose, etc. I am happy to report that the Dr was very pleased with my progress and if she’s happy, I’m happy. Even more exciting news, I am happy to report that I am no longer in the “pre-diabetic” stages with my sugar! That is a huge win there!! I am finally in a “normal” range… which is awesome! I am on the high end of the normal range so I plan to actually bring it down more to be in the middle of normal. My HDL (good) cholesterol is finally in normal range as well, it went up a lot! Yay! The LDL (bad) cholesterol still needs some work… and honest to God, the doctor thinks it was a faulty reading… but regardless I am still working on bringing it down. It’s not where I want it yet, but it will be. I’m sorry I don’t have the actual numbers to report right now, I’ll work that up later and add it to this post. I’m typing somewhat in a time crunch and don’t have the exact numbers in front of me to give you.

That’s the gist of my results for this check in. On an unrelated note, Dr checked my lung function… and reports that I have 62 year old lungs…(I’m 28, lol) Asthma will do that to ya… and I hadn’t used an inhaler (ran out) in a few months and the seasons changed and so my lung capacity wasn’t what it should be. Which is probably WHY I haven’t been having the work outs that I want and am capable of. This may sound crazy but sometimes the asthma sneaks up on me… I don’t realize that I’m not breathing well at first… but any ways I got inhaler refills and am now breathing better even after 1 day of using them. I noticed a big difference in my workout today. So I just have to remember to keep the asthma in check.


Another update: I thought I’d be silly the other day and see if anyone had a treadmill that was just collecting dust in their homes and if they’d mind “storing” it at my house (for use). It was a playful post on facebook but I had a response! A dear friend whom I met at Body Under Construction really did have a treadmill she can’t use and I’m (hopefully) picking it up tonight. This is going to go a long way in helping this journey I am on. I plan to add just a minute or two of fast pace running throughout my days and really start building my cardio up. I am really excited about this! I will of course also be using it for longer work outs, I’m just happy to even have one in my house!

Well… that’s about all I’m gonna give you for now. I’ve got some upcoming posts still swirling around in my brain so you’ll hear from me soon. I’ll tell you about my lunches I’ve been making, my plans for a sugar detox and also getting rid of the white stuff…. potatoes, sugar, pasta, bread, etc.

Until then… Be Happy. Be Healthy. God Bless!


3 thoughts on “November Check In!

  1. Amy, I cut out white stuff for a few months before my partial knee replacement and 38 pounds seemed to melt away. Unfortunately, I have not had the will power to stick by that and have gained twelve back. But giving up everything white except cauliflower and cottage cheese really works for me. Good luck. Maybe you will inspire me to get back to being serious! I need to do it.

    • Thanks Kay! I am going to start weaning out the white stuff… I already do whole wheat on most things… it’s probably going to be potatoes and sugar that I have a hard time with. I am not huge with sugar but I gather that alternative sweeteners are just as bad for you… so what’s the lesser of the two evils? (limited, of course)

  2. I know that you will do great with this. From my experience, you will not believe the difference in how you feel when you get rid of the “white” stuff. That is the way that I have chosen to live most of the time now for several years. At the height of my illness I was taking 11 pills and insulin to scale. I now take nothing but a thyroid pill. My A1C went from a 10.8 to a 5.2. My blood sugar ran almost 600 and fasting now is under 100. Lipids all good! If this old lady can do it, Amy I know that you can. (LOL) May God bless you in this journey!

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