Grilled Lime & Taco Chicken Bowl w/veggies – Sun Feb 02

I found this recipe/meal on Pinterest. Click here for the direct link to the originator of this meal.

Grilled Taco & Lime Chicken:

This is probably what sold me to try this dish. I love finding new and different ways to flavor chicken. I decided to marinade the chicken for a few hours and plan to grill it later this evening.

1 lb chicken
1 tsp cumin
1 tsp smoked paprika
1 tsp garlic powder
salt and pepper to taste
2 limes

I trimmed the chicken, put it in a plastic baggy… dumped in the spices, squeezed the limes.. and shook it up good; making sure everything is good and coated then I put it back in the fridge.

I’m putting it together with roasted vegetables and brown rice. I decided to try some new things, again my whole goal in these weekly meals aren’t just to tell you what I am eating but it’s also to discover new foods and ways of preparing. It’s not necessarily a new way to prepare but something new I’ve never done before. I am also trying to eat as cleanly as possible.

So to pair with the chicken I’m roasting cauliflower and asparagus. I had a tad bit of broccoli left over so I decided to toss it in as well. Roasting vegetables is easy…but I didn’t realize that until tonight.


Preheat oven to 375
I cut up and washed the cauliflower and spread it evenly over a 9×13 cookie sheet.
I then snapped the ends off the asparagus and washed them really good and spread them across a smaller cookie sheet.
I drizzled extra virgin olive oil over both pans, tossed both veggies around a bit to evenly coat. Then sprinkled with kosher salt. Asparagus cook time: 7 minutes (or so…) and cauliflower cook time: 10 mins (or so…)





I cooked up some brown rice (under the veggies in the pic) Honestly this is probably too much food but considering it’s all fresh vegetables it’s alright. I will grill  up the chicken later and put it on top and the dish will be complete!

Maybe I’ll get Mr Y to eat some for lunch… I probably could divide this up into 2-3 more meals.

Anyways, Happy Super Bowl Sunday… May the odds be ever in your favor!

p.s. Happy prepping 🙂


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