What’s In A Name?

I’ve posted recently on Facebook and even mentioned on here the desire to come up with a better name for the blog. I feel like I should explain my reasons and desires for a new name…

It’s not that I don’t like Finding Amy… in the beginning (over  a year ago) it made sense…. even though I never loved it for a long term name, I had to put something so I could get started.

The name Finding Amy sort of implies that I am lost and or that I don’t know who I am. Which is not true. I do know who I am and I am not lost. 🙂 Quite the opposite actually. I realize that it describes the journey as I navigate my ways to a healthier self, but I don’t like that it’s specifically about me and then those implications I just mentioned.

Yes, I blog for myself… it is very therapeutic in fact to be transparent and to document ones journey… it builds accountability and keeps me focused. At the same time, one of the things that drives me is the feed back and comments that I get from YOU who tell me that my journey and openness is inspiring. It gives this whole deal a sense of purpose and I want it to be about us all learning and growing and journeying to better ourselves. Whether you read just to keep up with me or you read for other reasons, I don’t want it to solely be about me…. Hey maybe I should call it Losing Amy. ha ha.

I don’t necessarily want to completely commercialize the blog but I do want it to be solid and focused and with purpose. I’ve seen them out there… there are prime examples such as fromfattofitchick.blogspot.com/ and so on. Take a look at the link I posted… you’ll see where I am going with this. She has done and is doing the very thing that I am doing. (I didn’t find her blog until after I had started so I can say that though it is a similar story, we didn’t copy off of one another. 🙂 )

So now you can see WHY I want to change the name. Can you help me come up with something? I feel like there’s an obvious answer and it’s right at the edge of my grasp….I’ve been brainstorming for so long that I just can’t see it…


Switching gears for a moment… be looking for upcoming “Features” on the blog. I’ve been wanting to do this for so long and I finally have a volunteer so I am excited to get her story up! My goal is to get it up before February ends. 🙂 I have met so many fabulous and wonderful people who have overcome and are overcoming challenges and I want to highlight their efforts and how they are doing so! Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “What’s In A Name?

  1. One of the things I was thinking about was “Journey to a Healthier You” and you already have that as a sub-title! Well sort of, “My journey to a healthier self” I do understand why you want to change the name of the blog, but I guess when you know the person who is blogging, one doesn’t look at the title and think you are lost, LOL Rob’s is good too! I hope this sparks something in you…Love your journey Amy!!

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