“you can’t take the sky from me….”

Any other Firefly fans out there? ๐Ÿ˜‰ we just started watching reruns again. Such a short lived series…. But so good…

Anyways, hello!! I’ve been off for a while with intentions of posting for the past month or so and just haven’t been able to find the time…but here we are…

I’ve still been doing pretty well. There’s always room for improvement. My exercise is pretty solid. Still working on my eating and that will always be the case. Just looking to improve day by day.

So ~ wow…it’s been a while and it seems that there’s a lot to talk about???

I signed up for a 5K!! Which is absolutely crazy…. It’s the Glo-Run in Louisville on May 24th. I’ve never done anything like it but it looks like it’ll be a lot of fun. It just happens to be on the one year anniversary of my joining Body Under Contstruction. The difference a year can make is just plain ridiculous. This time last year I could hardly walk a mile briskly and here I am jogging/walking 3 miles every Friday to train for the 5K! I’m pretty excited. I can’t say I aspire to be a runner but I’d like to be able to run….and since I’ve been making that a part of the routine it seems like the weight is going down quicker! I am game for that!

Let’s see… Couple of weeks ago me and a group of friends went to see Jillian Michael’s on her Maximize Your Life tour. I had a great time and she was awesome. A few things she said led me to look into some more of her material after we got home so I’ve listened to a few of her podcasts…. She has quite a few and they are very informative. She talks about different topics not always food or exercise, but always something life related or health focused. One particular podcast she was discussing hormones and metabolism and got to talking to a caller about PCOS and I found what she was saying very interesting. For those of you that don’t know, PCOS is a hormonal syndrome, it stands for poly cystic ovarian syndrome. It involves a lot more than cystic ovaries though. With this syndrome you are more susceptible to cysts on your ovaries -which can be no big deal or cause huge issues. In my case, when I was 11 years old (pre-diagnosis & per-menstrual) I had to have an emergency surgery. I had woke up that morning and started having abdominal pain and through out the course of the day I was in unbearable pain and vomiting uncontrollably. When I went to the ER they initially treated me as if it was appendicitis and when they went in to do the appendectomy they found my right ovary was detached from the fallopian tube and so they had to remove it. This happens sometimes in cases of PCOS where a cyst will develop and be rather large and it causes the ovary to twist and sometimes detach from the tube. Once it does that there’s nothing to do to save it, it basically has to be removed. It wasn’t until years later that I learned I had PCOS and that was the reason for my surgery. At the time, being a kid, I just thought it was something that happened randomly. As an adult and understanding the syndrome a little better I can see how one thing led to another.

Anyways, the issue with PCOS besides the cysts is the hormonal imbalance. Creates high androgens which can cause the person to stop ovulating, more prone to acne and unwanted body hair. It can also create an insulin resistance which obviously increases the risk of diabetes. Gaining weight and having difficulty losing weight is also a part of it.

Now please don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that PCOS is the blame for my weight gain, because I fully take responsibility for my situation. But the more I learn, the more I realize that it probably played a big role in things. PCOS most likely amplified my weight gain and my weight gain amplified the PCOS.

All through high school and early adulthood I would go months without a period. As a teenager I was ecstatic… I was athletic and thought I was lucky to not have periods. But after I got married and the idea of children came up I started to pay more attention to my body and caring a little more about my health. I did birth control for a while because it causes ovulation. I also took Metformin for a while because, while it is a diabetic medication, it also makes women ovulate, so since I had this idea that I wanted to have a baby, I figure that was a sure way to make sure I went through a monthly cycle. I took it for about a year and then decided to stop. I’m not real good with taking medicine anyways, I’ve never been one to stick to a pill schedule because I don’t remember and don’t want to be tied to prescriptions all the time. I take things as needed…otherwise I’m content letting my body be as is.

At some point I decided that I needed to stop trying to have a baby and start trying to get healthy. It occurred to me that if I was to get pregnant that I was in no shape to have a healthy pregnancy and that scares me. I don’t want to put myself or a child at risk. So my focus changed and I decided it was time to get my health under control.

Ever since I’ve made exercise a regular habit (4-5 times a week) I’ve not missed a single period. I’ve read that exercise and weight loss can help PCOS and will help ovulation and hormone balancing. Seems to be true! But back to Jillian… So I was listening to her talk to a caller about PCOS and a lot of the things she said struck a chord with me. She talked about how food can be used to help balance hormones and cleaning up your diet can go a long way to making a lot of things better…. I can’t remember at this moment all of the things Jillian was saying but she mentions to this particular caller that she had a book called Master Your Metabolism and in it she explains all of the hormone stuff and how foods can either help or hinder them. So I got the book… And wow! I’m only about 30% into it but it’s amazing the information about the chemicals in food, the studies that link them to health and hormonal issues, and the things you can do diet wise to help put things back in business. Jillian really recommends seeing an actual endocrinologist if you have a hormonal issue as they are experts in that area and often know the best ways to treat hormonal imbalances, etc.

So I’m going to switch gears really quick to share with you that I had a doctors appointment today. It was one of my check up follow ups that I’ve been doing every few months. I had labs on Monday to check the usual…blood sugar, cholesterol, etc. I also “weigh in” so to speak and discuss things with the doctor and how they are going, etc. I am extremely HAPPY to report that all of my blood work is in normal levels. My HGB A1C is in complete normal range and I am no longer pre-diabetic!!! Which she told me that last time but I was still on the the high end of the range, but now I am right in the middle of normal!! Woohoo!! My LDL (bad) cholesterol is in good range and my HDL (good) cholesterol is also in good range. She was very excited at my progress…in lab values and also my weight as I am down 20lbs since I saw her last. So that is awesome news!!

What’s really cool are the other words that came out of her mouth…

“You’ve basically reversed your PCOS”. Omg, seriously!?! I never dreamed I’d hear those words!

As happy as I am that she said it, I still requested to see an endocrinologist. I’ve never seen one before and I’d like to have more in depth tests of my hormones done to make sure they are all in good shape and the endo that I’m seeing also specializes in metabolic and diabetes and so I think she’ll be a great fit in making sure internally everything is going well and in alignment. It won’t hurt to know and I think will probably give me a great peace of mind. I do hope to have kids one day and I want to be in the best shape possible when I do. This is one area that’s obviously been a big factor in my health and it’s probably way long over due that I see a specialist… Even though my GP says I reversed it. After having read and listened to Jillian talk so much on hormones I just know this is something I’ve got to do. Even if all she does is tell me I’m good. ๐Ÿ™‚

So that’s the biggest gist of what’s up with me these days. I’ve been learning a lot about foods and their capabilities to heal or damage your body. I don’t just mean vegetables vs fried foods. I’m talking about chemicals and manufactured “foods” that are really linked to so many health issues. I heard a story this week which seems to be a common opinion amongst many books and articles and topics I’ve heard and that is…. Food can heal. The story I heard this week was of a woman who was diagnosed with liver cancer and she completely changed her diet..switching to clean healthy eating – lots of vegetables and natural whole foods. And she is completely cancer free now having not taken any chemo or radiation or the likes. That’s just one example of many that I’ve heard. So many things in our body can be changed and reversed if only we’d feed our body nutritious whole foods rather than manufactured processed crap and eliminate all of the chemicals.

We’ll have to discuss this further in future posts, I’m sure you’re tired at this point as am I. (It’s 2 a.m.) ๐Ÿ™‚ We’ll talk soon my friends… Thanks for stopping by!


One thought on ““you can’t take the sky from me….”

  1. I really hope you are feeling as proud of yourself as everyone is of you! You are such an amazing lady. I really appreciate your posts; they give me so much to think about and so much inspiration. I am confident they do the same for others. Good luck with your endo appointment. I am saying prayers for you to have great news.

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