I am rounding on 2 weeks with 9 Rounds and drinking nearly a gallon of water per day and following their nutrition plan. I really enjoy it. I am down roughly 5 lbs or so, although I’m not really friends with my scale this week. It’s shark week and I feel all out of sorts. It has been a few months since shark week last happened and it has come with a vengeance this month. I am always happy and yet sad for it’s arrival. It means things are functioning properly (a sign of healthy diet and exercise) but then also means I’m not pregnant. So it’s iffy. I just forget how crappy I tend to feel the first few days….that’s the part I hate the most…

Okay, on to my other dilemma, hence the title of this post….

I have been doing the C25K program, about 3 days a week. For those of you who might not know, C25K stands for Couch to 5K, and is a training program to help you increase your running speed/distance at a rate that is comfortable for you. The way it works is for the first week of the program (you choose your days, there are 3) the program is a 5 minute warm up walk, and then a 60 second run followed by a 90 second walk, and you alternate run, walk, run, walk, for 20 mins, and then there is a 5 minute cool down and then you are done. Work out lasts 30 minutes. Then as you go from week to week those times change…building up your run time slowly. (you can repeat days if you want, you really can go at your own speed/pace)

I first started this program back in the summer but never really progressed the weeks. I just kept re-doing week 1 over and over again to get used to it and build endurance. This past fall I managed to develop plantar fasciitis in my left foot (added to a damaged right ankle that I keep braced now). I’ve seen the podiatrist, I’ve taken anti-inflammatories, done stretches, ice bottles, etc. I don’t seem to find much relief either way. I ran in a bad pair of shoes for a few months but have since then gone back to the running shoes I was originally fitted for at a specialty running store. I am just frustrated because it is really starting to interfere with the running. The past two weeks I have been doing the C25K programs on treadmill because it’s frigid outside. This week, I decided to push my self and attempt the week 2 program, which is 5 min warm up, 90 second run,120 second walk (for 20mins) and then 5 min cool down. I did it well on Tuesday and Thursday was okay- I had some distractions (text messages) on my phone so I didn’t get all of the segments ran, but today, I barely made it through half of the work out and I had to get off. My feet were hurting so bad. I have been toughing it out to this point because I tell myself “I can push through this for 90 seconds” but today, it was unbearable. I finished up on the recumbent bike but feel lousy for not being able to finish what I started. And what is most frustrating of it all, besides the pain, is the fact that I know I could up my speed and distance but the foot pain is holding me back. In the past, any time I did cardio, I would be limited by my breathing and getting really out of breath. Now I am running and have great breath control and more endurance and I’m having to quit because of foot pain. 😐 I am sure I am not the only person to encounter this problem, but I am struggling with how to get past it.

I am currently working out 6 days a week, but they are 30-45 minute work outs. I don’t feel like they are “killing” me work outs. They are great “HIIT” sessions, my heart rate goes up and down, etc On Mon, Weds, and Saturdays I do the 30 min 9Round sessions, which are a lot of body weight exercises (burpees, planks, push ups, squats, lunges) and then a lot of kickboxing moves, punching bags, kicks, etc. And then on Tues, Thurs, and Fri I am attempting the 30-45 minute cardio (usually 30 min run, 15 elliptical) but I think I’m going to have to change the routine. There are plenty of things that can be done besides running, I just have to get the routine figured out. Probably something at home and free weight based. I have kettle bells, stability ball, ankle weights, and some dumb bells, I am sure I can come up with something. I really want to focus on my core so maybe I can create something around that…

Anyone have any suggestions/ideas?

Also, if you have plantar fasciitis experience, I’d love to hear any ideas to relieve the pain…. 🙂


2 thoughts on “OWWWWWWWW!!!!!

  1. I had PF so badly a few years ago that I could hardly walk in the mornings and when I sat, rode in a car, etc for a half hour or so I could hardly walk.

    I had several exercises, but found pulling my toes toward my knees with a band or towel and standing on a step by the toes and dropping my heels down in 5-10 second stretches helped the most. Be sure you can support yourself by a wall, hand rail, etc. Just those two exercises, but 10-20 reps about every hour to keep my feet loosened up.

    I also had steroid injections into my feet near the heels a couple of times, and could not believe how much they helped. My doctor went in from the side of my foot just above the sole which is a lot less painful than going straight in from the bottom. It felt about like an injection for a filling in a tooth.

    Now whenever they act up, I just get right on the two exercises and can work it off. Fortunately, I have not seen the podiatrist in a several years. I hope you find relief soon, I empathize greatly! K

  2. I’ve had PF for about a year now. Came from gaining so much weight and wearing those little ballet flats with no support to work every day. Once I got it in both feet I stopped working out completely and ended up ballooning to the biggest I’ve ever been, and with every lb my PF got worse. Worst thing was I didn’t quite put that together until now. I tried the splints, special socks, exercises, ice, massagers, orthotics, orthotic shoes, everything! I was in so much pain every day that I could barely walk, let alone run. Since 1/1 I’ve been working out again 6 days per week and eating very healthy and using MFP. When I first started all I could do was ride the stationary bike bc my feet hurt so bad. Running was out of the question. For the past week I’ve been able to elliptical for 30 min, even with orthotics it’s hard, but still doable. I’ve since lost 19lbs and every day my PF hurts a little less. I’m not sure if that’s only from the weight Loss or if it’s also due to my stretching routing before and after every work out and using the bike pedals to really stretch out my PF after a bike ride (try it, it’s amazing). After a work out I’m still sore but when I wake up the next day I have virtually no pain. So now I mostly do elliptical, bike, weights, some kickboxing, and Pilates. I also recently bought dansko Xp clogs that are amazing for PF! Once I got them broken in I have been in love. I even wear them around the house with my PJs because it helps my PF so much. I know this isn’t exactly helping with your running and PF pain, but maybe the answer is to switch up exercises and keep away from the running (which is so high impact on the heels) until PF has healed a little more. Hope this helps. It’s hard enough to keep working out, but much much harder with PF.

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