All In A Year’s Time…

Hello! Hope this post (or email) finds you well. I am currently sitting at the mother-in-law’s house so the hubby can get his NFL football draft fix. Waiting on Teddy Bridgewater to get drafted and also to see who the Bengal’s pick. (He’s hoping Bengals get Bridgewater…)

First things first… I went to the endocrinologist on Monday. She was happy and a little surprised that I have lost as much weight as I have with the complications I have… she said “you’ve lost that much weight and battled PCOS, you must really be working your butt off” lol I said well I have trainers who are working my butt off 😉 at any rate, she put me on medicine to handle some of the issues with PCOS to try to bring hormones into balance. She said it should really help my progress. The first couple of days taking the medicine I had some rough side effects which I hadn’t expected. But today I didn’t experience anything as rough as I did the first few days so I’m hoping I am adjusting. I don’t  want to take meds forever…I am hoping that I will eventually be able to get to a place nutritionally where I can balance things naturally. But this is where I am right now and if it helps the process then I will go with it. I found out today that I have low vitamin D. Which is weird because I eat a lot of salmon and have been getting outside in the sun a lot more since the frozen-era ended…but that’s what she told me. She wants me to take a vitamin D pill, but I think I’m going to try to do it nutritionally. I don’t know if it’ll work but I would prefer doing it naturally rather than adding another medicine to my routine. We shall see.

Well… I am excited about this next section of this post… 🙂 I saved the best for last.

May 14th makes for my 1 year anniversary with Body Under Construction, Rob Jones & Christy Raynor. I was going to try to wait until the 14th to weigh but I decided to go ahead and get it in today. I am down 7 lbs and 4.5 inches since my last check-in (March)

It was all good news but then I decided to compare today’s numbers to my starting numbers… and it’s just ridiculous…

So here ya go…


I am just shocked to looked at some of those starting numbers and then to see today’s. It’s surreal really…and undeniable. I am often telling people that I don’t see the change as much but this just smacks me in the face. If I was to give any kind of advice it’d be this: focus on one day at a time. Get up and think, what can I do today to further my progress, to get closer to my goal? Stay the course and work hard every day and expect set-backs, failures, and mishaps. Dust yourself off and let the next day be a fresh start. Consistency & persistence….

I still have a long way to go… but I am expecting this year to be bigger than last year…. I’m getting the hormones in check and I’ve established a lot of healthy habits and I am exercising 4-5 times a week. I can only go up from here. (or is it down ;-)) I’m ready to get it going!

Glo-Run (my first 5K) is in 2 weeks! I am so excited and it’s gonna be so much fun! 🙂 It’s gonna be the first of many 5K’s.

Well this is all I have to report for now. I hope the rain and storms fizzle down tomorrow, I have a run date with my buddy at the park and I don’t wanna miss it!

Happy Mother’s Day weekened to you all ❤



Happy 2014!

Hello! I hope everyone had fabulous holiday season…. I did not disappear or fall away from my goals over the past couple months… the holidays just brought busyness with family gatherings and events on top of extra work hours. I continued my workouts with Body Under Construction and tried to continue to eat well. It was hard with a lot of family gatherings with big meals. I made it through! I haven’t blogged in awhile, I try not to post unless I’m inspired in some way, as I really don’t want this to become a place where I just ramble all of the time. I actually have 2 posts in my drafts that I’ve written up and just didn’t feel good about posting so there they sit. They may be posted or they may sit there. Who knows!

Anyways, I have a lot to talk about today and that is what matters! I’ll start off with today’s good news! It was measure day… did you see how I called it good news? 🙂


So there we have it. First of all, my last measurement was Nov 14th. Pre-Thanksgiving/Christmas. So I managed to lose MORE weight this time than I had last time before the holidays. (last time I measured, I’d only lost 1 lb) Secondly…. I’ve finally dropped that first digit! Which is awesome! 🙂 I will never see that 3 again! And that 2 will eventually change as well! I am very excited and pleased that I didn’t come away from the holidays with a huge gain. That actually might be a first in several years.

I am more motivated not because this is an “amazing” loss (even though it is great) I’m just feeling great because this year is going to be awesome and the next time I measure (end of February sometime?) I expect an even greater change. I am utilizing so many tools and I have set myself up for nothing but success. And with it being a New Year, I’m just excited to raise the bar and push it even higher!

So let me tell you what new things I’ve got in store!

Santa brought me a lot of “fitness” stuff for Christmas…. and I’m so excited! I got a 15 lb and 25 lb kettle bell, 5 lb ankle/wrist weights, boxing gloves/mitts, and a Polar heart rate monitor/watch device. So my workouts outside of the training facility are going to be exciting and fun! Yes, I said fun! 🙂 I haven’t gotten to use the kettle bell or boxing gloves/ankle weights just yet, but before this week is over I hope to! I love the heart rate monitor watch. It’s really helpful to see my heart rate as I’m working out and it will help me push hard when I’m doing cardio without the trainers. I thought it would be uncomfortable but it’s not! It registered my BUC workout today at 500 calories burned! woohoo!

So that’s that… the other thing I am excited to tell you about is MEAL PLANNING! In the fall I had talked to Christy (trainer) and she told me about how she plans her lunches for the week on Sundays and gets everything cooked and stored. That way she can just grab it and go and she doesn’t have to worry about resorting to junk food because of busyness, etc. It’s a great idea and really works. I did it a couple times but again, the holidays and busyness, etc. So I decided that was one of my main goals for 2014 is to meal plan. Last Sunday I cooked up chicken breasts, brown rice, broccoli, and sauteed mushrooms for my lunches this week. It’s yummy and I’ve enjoyed it. I just happened to post a picture of it on Facebook and I’ve gotten so much feedback about it… not just in comments but face to face conversations with people wanting meal ideas and tips etc. And while at this moment I don’t have a lot of different meals in my repertoire I have decided that every week I am going to post here on the blog what I am making for my lunches (recipes and cooking tips included). This will motivate me to continue doing what I am doing, expand my menu choices (I’ll have to think up meals), and it will help others as well… since so many people are interested in this. I am looking forward to it! So stay tuned…and don’t forget to subscribe if you want these to come straight to your inbox!

I’m excited and motivated! This is going to be a great year!

I’m off to Zumba now! Yes, I’m crazy… this will be workout #2 for today! 🙂

November Check In!

Have you guys missed me?

Been a busy couple of months and I don’t tend to write unless I am specifically inspired about something… that keeps me from posting rambles all the time and better values your time reading stuff from me.

So! The last time I posted was my Sept check-in… and it’s that time again! I have more than my measurements from my trainer to tell you about.. I also have a doctor’s visit to report….but measurements first:


So… it’s not as much progress as I would like but it’s progress and at least it’s loss and not gains…I am still not seeing as much change on the scale as I want to… but that is all about to change! I am focusing hard on my diet this week and the coming weeks (a separate post is coming soon focusing on that action plan and what I am doing/going to do) Positive attitude is half of the battle and I’m not going to focus on where I am but rather where I am headed and put my time and energy into THAT.

With that being said… I’ve lost a total of 42 inches! I can hardly believe that number! When I added it up I had to check it multiple times because it didn’t seem right! That’s insane, for real! I’m so excited! I can’t wait to start seeing the scale change consistently. It’s coming… stay tuned…

My other check-in is about my doctor’s visit yesterday. I did my 6 month labs to check the cholesterol, glucose, etc. I am happy to report that the Dr was very pleased with my progress and if she’s happy, I’m happy. Even more exciting news, I am happy to report that I am no longer in the “pre-diabetic” stages with my sugar! That is a huge win there!! I am finally in a “normal” range… which is awesome! I am on the high end of the normal range so I plan to actually bring it down more to be in the middle of normal. My HDL (good) cholesterol is finally in normal range as well, it went up a lot! Yay! The LDL (bad) cholesterol still needs some work… and honest to God, the doctor thinks it was a faulty reading… but regardless I am still working on bringing it down. It’s not where I want it yet, but it will be. I’m sorry I don’t have the actual numbers to report right now, I’ll work that up later and add it to this post. I’m typing somewhat in a time crunch and don’t have the exact numbers in front of me to give you.

That’s the gist of my results for this check in. On an unrelated note, Dr checked my lung function… and reports that I have 62 year old lungs…(I’m 28, lol) Asthma will do that to ya… and I hadn’t used an inhaler (ran out) in a few months and the seasons changed and so my lung capacity wasn’t what it should be. Which is probably WHY I haven’t been having the work outs that I want and am capable of. This may sound crazy but sometimes the asthma sneaks up on me… I don’t realize that I’m not breathing well at first… but any ways I got inhaler refills and am now breathing better even after 1 day of using them. I noticed a big difference in my workout today. So I just have to remember to keep the asthma in check.


Another update: I thought I’d be silly the other day and see if anyone had a treadmill that was just collecting dust in their homes and if they’d mind “storing” it at my house (for use). It was a playful post on facebook but I had a response! A dear friend whom I met at Body Under Construction really did have a treadmill she can’t use and I’m (hopefully) picking it up tonight. This is going to go a long way in helping this journey I am on. I plan to add just a minute or two of fast pace running throughout my days and really start building my cardio up. I am really excited about this! I will of course also be using it for longer work outs, I’m just happy to even have one in my house!

Well… that’s about all I’m gonna give you for now. I’ve got some upcoming posts still swirling around in my brain so you’ll hear from me soon. I’ll tell you about my lunches I’ve been making, my plans for a sugar detox and also getting rid of the white stuff…. potatoes, sugar, pasta, bread, etc.

Until then… Be Happy. Be Healthy. God Bless!

September Check-In

Well it’s that time! Time for accountability and transparency. I still hate doing this but oh well… it won’t kill me. 

I had measurements/weigh-in last week… and here are the results..

ImageProgress is progress and I’m happy to see it.

I’m not seeing the weight change on the scale and I’m positive that is because I’ve not been doing the work in the kitchen. Rather than beat myself up over it, I’ve just resolved that that will be my focus for this next 6 weeks.

I’m going to track on myfitnesspal (just to make myself keep a numerical track of my intake all day) and I’m going to eat small meals/snacks every 2 hours as advised by Rob. It’s actually harder to eat every 2 hours than you’d think.

I had great conversation with Christy as well about how to plan for a weeks worth of lunches and some food ideas. I’m already putting them to practice. I’ve cooked up a bunch of chicken breasts for the week and have vegetables/rice to have as well….broccoli, etc.

It’s a work in progress and I’m working on the progress.

I’m still discovering clothes in my closet that I haven’t worn in a long time because they were too snug and on top of that I am finding a lot of shirts that I can hardly wear because they are generally TOO BIG. Just unattractively baggy, etc. Did I just write that? Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve had clothes that are too big?? Yea, I don’t even remember really. It’s a great feeling.

And with that, I’m off…. headed to the gym for an hour or more. Gonna get my run on… LOL

Week 13 -Measurements

Well it had been 6 weeks since my last measurement so it was that time! 🙂 Here ya go….


5/14/13 Was the day I started at BUC. As you can see, I’m seeing great progress!!

A side note about the weight- they got new scales between my 2nd and 3rd weigh in and of course you know all scales weigh you differently. The original scale was always lighter for me than the other scales in my life, this new one at BUC is actually more accurate to my scale at home, even though I don’t like that it weighed me heavier. But anyways, he decided we would forgo the 2nd measurement and just base it off of the first one. As you can see, the reason why we measure is because you see results in inches a lot quicker and more drastically than you do in lbs. While my “weight” hasn’t changed much, just look at the differences in the inches. 🙂 I can feel muscles where I used to only feel mushiness and flab. Slowly but surely.

I’m going to bed a happy girl tonight. And will wake up a sore one tomorrow. OMG…. lol. #nopainnogain  right?

Mama saw my picture this morning and said I look different, that you can see it in my face. I’m not sure I notice it (in my face) yet, but it’s neat to hear that other people do. 🙂


May’s Verdict

Alrighty! I went back to the doctor in May and had my blood work re-checked to check my progress. Just another form of accountability I have put in place. The numbers don’t lie and the more I face them the more I am motivated to stay on this track! So here goes!!

Cholesterol: 202  (goal: less than 199)

Triglycerides: 81  (goal: 0-140)

HDL (Good): 39  (goal: greater than 39)

LDL (Bad): 147  (goal: less than 100)

A1C: 6.0 (goal: 4.8-5.6)

So there ya have it! I am so close to being in normal healthy ranges, which is awesome! What’s really awesome is when you look at May and January’s results side by side and see the difference!!

Chole: Jan 228  May 202  (a difference of 26!)

Triglycerides: Jan 89  May 81 (a difference of 8)

HDL (good): Jan 35   May 39 (a difference of 4)

LDL (bad): Jan 175  May 147 (a difference of 28!)

A1C: Jan 5.9  May 6.0  (that is .1 higher than last time, not ideal result..)

But I can’t refute the progress of the other results! That was some big stuff considering I didn’t feel like I ate well or exercised well in Feb-April…. I fully expected my levels to go up.

The following week after doing my labs in May was when I started seeing a personal trainer twice a week! I don’t have another blood work check up until November but I bet it’s going to be amazing!!

And also, I am down in my weight… I can’t remember what I last weighed in at on here, I believe it was 320 something, but I am down to 300… and I CANNOT wait for that first number to change… which will be happening very soon! I feel great, and still have lots to talk about so keep in touch!

Check-In January 23, 2013

I weighed in today at 324.0. Progress! yay! Since I weighed in at 329 on Jan 5th, so that’s a difference of 5 lbs! woohoo!

Been eating extremely well all week, a lot of vegetables, a lot of water and I’ve exercised every night thus far!!

Weak point: dreaded Hershey kisses were in the house again. But alas! They are all gone and the Mr knows to keep that stuff out of my sight/knowledge.

Indulgence? Peanut Butter toast. A favorite snack of mine and makes a good pre-work out snack. I like them with banana’s but the spouse took all those to work with him and left me none. Punk!

So, I aim to check in every so often just to keep it open and so you know I’m not just out here writing stuff because I have nothing to do. I aim to report what’s going on…whether it’s good or bad!

Until next time….