Almost Half Way Thru

I’ve successfully completed 12 days of NO DAIRY, SUGAR, GRAINS, LEGUMES, and nasty additives.

To be honest with you, I really thought it was going to be much harder and I would be miserable and craving and physically defeated. But I haven’t been. I’ve only had a couple moments of “Man, I wish I could have that” and it’s really nothing I pined over. Just a fleeting thought.

Tonight I survived eating out for the first time. We went to a steakhouse. I asked the waiter to make sure they don’t cook the steak in butter…he went and talked to cook, they were cooked on a grill/open flame and I reiterated no butter or oils. I got steamed broccoli and a baked potato without butter or anything. Husband ate the rolls …I didn’t feel inclined to eat them. It was nice. Sure they would’ve been good but I really didn’t feel a longing for them. Oh and I got unsweet tea expecting it to be gross and bitter but it wasn’t. It obviously wasn’t sweet..but I have learned that when you cut out sugar ….you don’t really think things are as bitter as you used to think. You notice more natural flavors when you remove the overwhelming sugar and additives. All in all I’m extremely proud of how I did eating out the first time. I will tell you that my first real craving/longing for something did happen tonight. I really wanted to order my buffalo chicken salad and ranch dressing! But I survived and left feeling satisfied and fulfilled.

I picked up some new food items at Whole Foods tonight that will allow me to have some things I’ve missed but still remain compliant. You can’t find compliant bacon or sausage at Kroger or normal groceries but I grabbed some at Whole Foods so that will help with mixing up the breakfasts and dishes. I also got a couple new things… one is a gazpacho soup… it’s green…but ingredients look yummy.

So I don’t know yet if this is a coincidence or a result of my diet the past 12 days, but I was having bad foot pain again a couple weeks ago. My plantar fasciitis was aggravated by me walking in a cast and having to adjust how my feet land…and the fact that I’ve had to rely on the left foot to be most of my support and it’s the one the fasciitis is the worst in. Well, I can say for the last week I haven’t had any foot pain. I’ve also been sleeping better. Not necessarily long enough because I haven’t been going to bed early enough but I am sleeping more soundly. Not waking up as often…I am super excited about that for sure! Now if I could just get to bed earlier I might actually get enough sleep. I still average around 7 hours, which isn’t too bad.

For the most part, these 12 days, I have felt in control. I’ve had to stay on top of having food ready and planning ahead. Oh! I almost forgot! Last weekend I survived a graduation party and a company picnic with free buffet at a ballpark! And actually, I had a good time ..saying I survived sounds like I was miserable. I really thrived… I had fun and didn’t feel left out. Graduation party served pizza, salad and cake. I had salad (no dressing) and water. And didn’t feel bad…at all. The ball park.. I took left overs from home and at them on the way to the stadium. Then I just drank water while others ate and chit chatted with coworkers. I again, having just ate I was satisfied and didn’t feel left out at all. When we went to watch the game, it was super hot and we were in direct sun… Vendors were walking around selling different stadium staples. I got a giant snow cone…but with no flavorings. So yes, I paid $3.50 for the ice. but as hot as it was, it was actually fun and refreshing. I ate shaved ice with a spoon. Again, not feeling like I was missing anything. I was pretty excited.

So far I am having a pretty successful Whole 30. I’m excited. I haven’t missed dairy nearly as much as I thought I would. I really think I am going to keep several of these habits and practices..with the occasional treat. The key really has been planning and thinking ahead for every meal. I always have several things cooked and ready to go in the fridge/freezer. It’s the only way I’ve been able to be successful. It’s worth it and I plan to keep on. If I can make this my forever habit then I will have no problems losing weight, especially when I can start really exercising again.

Cast comes off the foot on Weds. It can’t happen soon enough. It’s entirely too hot to be in a cast from toes to knee. I’m hoping he’s going to tell me I can start exercising again. Fingers crossed friends!

Alright, I’m off to sleep. I have to be awake around 5:30. Tomorrow is the Color Run. I registered back earlier this year way before this ankle business. I won’t be able to run it tomorrow but my best friends are and I’m going down to support and cheer. It’ll be a fun time. 🙂


Whole 30…. what?

So for the past few months I’ve been learning and researching and reading and planning a Whole 30. What is Whole 30 you ask?

Well… I will first tell you that you should read It All Starts With Food, by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig. This book, available in e-reader format as well as printed copy, will explain the science behind, the results found, many many testimonies, and every detail surrounding what Whole 30 is.

But, in my own words, I will try to explain it and not send you running for the hills…

It is 30 days of clean eating, essentially an elimination diet where you refrain from certain foods for 30 days. This is to give your body a reset, and clean slate, so to speak. By not eating certain foods that are known to disrupt our health, you give your body time to heal and recover. Then you can slowly try those food groups again to see if they are issues for you. It is also a time to deal with sugar addiction or food addictions in general. The entire plan is about eating good clean foods, eliminating certain food groups, and creating healthy habits that will no doubt carry you beyond the 30 days.

What Whole 30 is not – It’s not a lose weight in 30 day plan. In fact, it’s not about losing weight at all. Most people do lose weight, but it’s not the goal of the plan. The plan is to break away from junk food, detox and recover, and then learn how to cook and prepare good healthy foods.

Doesn’t sound too bad does it?

Well, in theory it’s not. However, let me tell you what foods you cannot have…

Grains (of any kind), sugar (of any kind -not counting natural sugar in fruit and vegetables) legumes, or dairy.

What, hold up. Are you serious?


This is where I point you back to the book for all the details and sciency stuff. But there is reasonable cause to believe that those food groups do not add a whole lot nutritionally to our bodies, and in fact, are the main cause for a lot of the ailments, diseases and sickness that we find. A big one is inflammation.

We all know inflammation is “swelling”.. and yea, in general it is. But it is more than I think most people realize.

Medically speaking, any term that ends in “-itis” is essentially a form of inflammation.

Arthritis, gastritis, colitis, bronchitis, pancreatitis, appendicitis, conjunctivitis, plantar fasciitis, cystitis, etc. I could go on all night.

My point is that there is reason to believe that many of our ailments are due to the foods we eat. If you want hard core proof, go read the book….watch many of the free documentaries online about our food industry, etc. It’s hard information to swallow at first but it sure does motivate you to do better. When you know better, do better. I’m sure someone important said that.

Anyways, so I am writing to you from my 2nd day of Whole 30. I’ve not had sugar, grains, legumes, or dairy for 2 whole days. LOL It takes a lot of planning and forethought. Yesterday I had quite a bit of anxiety which was not expected, especially since it was day 1. I ate breakfast around 6:30 a.m. and for some reason from 10:30-11:30 all I could think about was eating something or not eating something and lunch. I wasn’t physically hungry. I think my mind was just racing too much about the next meal…even though I had it all packed and prepared at work with me.

I did learn yesterday that I didn’t plan enough food. I didn’t have nearly the amount of vegetables I should have had. I had good food all day just not enough, so I think that contributed to my feeling uneasy or unsatisfied… I’m not sure. I just sort of stressed out about it all. I guess that first day seemed daunting.

Today I added a lot more veggies and I made sure to get healthy fats in and I’ve felt good all day. Days 3-4 worry me a bit as I fear I will be in full on detox mode…but hoping I can manage all that well… I feel like I’m doing a great job considering. I have been very proactive about meals and clean up and pre planning. And I’ve got accountability. My buddy Tracy is doing it with me and I’m in two separate groups on Facebook that are great for bouncing meal ideas and questions off of. Also been talking a lot with Christin who’s doing it too..she read the book in a matter of 24 hours so we’ve been texting a lot about it too. It’s harder for her as she is a vegetarian.

Anyways, I’ll be back with more details as this journey progresses. 28 more days to goooo………….